Our Vision

“Communication that is globally connective and respectful”. Communications Commons was designed to meet the needs of Centennial College students taking one of our College Communications courses, COMM 170 or COMM 171. At the same time, it is a diverse resource that can meet the needs of various types of users (non-college students and writers).  We hope you will find something here that will resonate with you.


Our goal with this custom site was to create a modular, interactive tool for the college writing classroom.  While materials are scaffolded to a degree, we don’t think of this as a traditional textbook. Rather, it’s a set of resources that can be continuously updated. We wanted to appeal to diverse learners, native speakers, and second language learners alike.  Along with technical interaction and positive user experience, you will also notice that there is an emphasis on the social dimension of research, reading and writing; the sense that our work, no matter how solitary at times, is about listening, collaborating and connecting. Finally, we wanted to position academic writing as just one among many literacies. This resource is simply meant to compliment and inspire the many ways we already communicate and connect with one another.

Licensing and Copyright

The contents of this website are licensed under CC BY-NC-SA, meaning they can be reproduced, shared in any form, and remixed or adapted. For example, instructors at other colleges or schools are welcome to borrow anything they want from this site and adapt it to their curriculum. It’s our hope to help foster collaboration and sharing across classrooms, institutions and even academic levels. The only requirement is that the original site be acknowledged with the name and link, and that any adaptations be shared under the same license.